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Capturing the imagination of the customer requires having a creative approach with a thoughtful insight. Having an eye for detail and paying attention to varied tastes are the ingredients for creating appealing designs. Design studio at Nawaz Associates is staffed with experienced artists who have the capability to conceive the most creative concepts in design with the ability to adapt to individual needs of different countries and regions vis a vis their preferences for specific colors, themes and motifs. The use of latest cad-cam systems is an example of company’s dedication to computerization and use of modern technology in design development.


We can source and manufacture from our suppliers enormous variety of fabrics having multiple weaves from 1 / 1 plain weave to Satin in different widths ranging from 36 inch to 142 inch with maximum thread count of 1000 threads per square inch. Various kinds of fabric made out of 100% Cotton and Polyester / Cotton (All Blends) Yarn Dyed Printed / Dyed / White Fabric, Sateen up to 1000 Threads, 20 Percale up to 250 Threads, Dobby, Dyed Fabrics, 100% Cotton Flannel up to 180 grams, Twill, are produced from our source in Pakistan. Most of our suppliers are OEKO TEX certified and use BCI cotton


Thanks to the superb quality we rank as the leading enterprises in this field. Nawaz Associates has centralized cutting department for where each order is sent to stitching department after cutting as per order. Nawaz Associates has 75 Juki machines and established Standard Operating Procedures to ensure high level of quality and workmanship.