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We follow strict measures to ensure quality of our products and delivery time given by our customer. Nawaz Associates got advantage of in house weaving, Finishing and stitching unit.


Nawaz Associates has an extensive weaving set up having variety of machines including Power, Auto, Shuttles which produce an enormous variety of fabrics having multiple weaves ranging from 36 inch to 153 inch with maximum thread count. All machines are fully equipped with various kinds of secondary and auxiliary equipment.


Nawaz Associates deals in all modes of processing i-e bleaching (kier /plant),  dying (direct /disperse /reactive /pigment etc.) and printing (rotary/panel). We outsource our processing from units of high quality standards. We do have specialized quality control personnel to keep a check on quality of goods right from the beginning till the end.


At Nawaz Associates, we are equipped with latest and modern stitching machines a highly skilled labor to meet our modern stitching requirements. The machines include Singer, Safety + Over lock, Double needle, Kansai special and Flat lock machines.