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Nawaz Associates can produce Kitchen Gloves, Chef Apron, Cotton Apron, Bib Apron and many other kitchen items  in various colors, patterns and models with any desired quality and weight, depending on the customer’s requirements.

Kitchen Gloves

Kitchen Gloves are kitchen lover’s most trusted devices. These protect the hands from constant use of water and washing detergents or peck from sharp blades. We offer very high quality variety of Kitchen Glove in thin body friendly rubberized material and latex. These kitchen gloves are ideal when stacks of dishes have to be washed. The range is durable and economical.


Chef Apron

The range of our Chef Aprons is in great demand among professional chefs and hobby cooks. Obtainable in pastel shades and in white the chef aprons fashioned by us are easy to maintain, extremely long-lasting and reasonably priced.


Cotton Apron

We present an assortment of Cotton Apron that we create from premium quality cotton. The range is pre-shrunk and loses none of its original color and shape even after repeated wash. Offered in pleasant prints, colors and stripes the cotton apron offered by us is affordable and easy to maintain.


Bib Apron

A very handy item in the kitchen, these Bib Aprons is vibrant and an useful kitchen wear that guards the user’s clothes from grease and grime. These bib aprons can be washed any number of times without losing colors or shape. This hard-wearing range is reasonably priced.