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Our in-house workroom offers a wide range of window treatments, including a measuring and installation service. All curtains and soft furnishings are manufactured by our trained and experienced team of seamstresses. Beautiful custom-made soft furnishings and attention to the technical aspects of our work are our specialty.

We are accredited agents for local and international fabric houses and have access to more than 8,5 million options (we promise not to show them to you all at once). Our showroom in Westlake Business park is accessible and welcoming. We are also able to bring a selection of samples to your home or office to consult and measure up at the same time.

We can also use fabrics supplied by our clients to create lovely headings and finishes,  just right for the space you wish to enhance. Kirsch tape is the most well-known and useful curtain header and gives an evenly spaced three-pleat look. Eyelet tape is also widely used and enables us to use less fabric, saving you money. It gives a clean, contemporary effect. Wave curtains are the newest option amongst bespoke curtain manufacturers, and these add a wonderful neat and compact look to any room. The most luxurious  header, however, is the double-length pinch pleat, which is hand pleated and sewn for a bespoke curtain that will elicit ooh’s and aah’s from every person who visits your home, boutique hotel or office.


Also called pole-pocket drapes are made with a casing at the top that slips over a curtain rod, removing the need for rings. Sheer fabric curtains are often made with two-rod pockets at the top so that you can slide the curtain rod through the lower pocket, and a soft ruffling effect is created by the unused top pocket. These are great for making the curtain feel as though it is integrated into the wall because the rod is nearly invisible under the drapes.


Tab Top Curtains are great for a casual ambiance. They are made with flat loops spaced along the top edge of the curtain, through which the rod goes. These also do not require curtain rings. They can easily be drawn open or closed without pull cords.


Grommet Top Curtains are relatively new. A curtain rod passes through the large grommet rings (holes) at the top of the curtain, creating a broadly pleated look. This is great for a crisp, modern room, such as a lounge or a study.


Offers protection against heat and cold. They also act as blackout curtains, keeping out the sun completely, due to the extra lining. They are made to look like all other drapery, with the only difference being an addition layer of material for insulation. These are great if you’re looking to save money on energy costs. They also provide great privacy.


Let light into a room and still maintain a good level of privacy. They should be bought in excessive width, about double the width of your window, to appropriately fold to cover your window with the adequate amount of privacy. For a more dramatic look, some people add even more width to each window. These are great for plain or decorate curtain rods.