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Bed Sets

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Nawaz Associates can produce 100% cotton satin, 100% cotton, ranforce, polycotton Bed Sets in various colors, patterns and models with any desired wire frequency, quality and weight, depending on the customer’s requirements.

Satin Bed Sets

The most popular fabric in our bed sets are our satin fabrics. The satin bed set covers woven from 100% Turkish cotton, are produced between 74-120 cm2 wire density. This high wire frequency provides a smoother key for satin fabrics, resulting in better quality and a brighter appearance. Prevents sweat formation with air-permeable structure. It has a function that does not require ironing after washing, as it is different from cotton duvet cover sets.

Ranforce Bed Sets

Among the most popular fabrics in our bed sets are our ranforce fabrics, which are made from 100% cotton. Ranforce fabrics have a high air permeability, they are completely natural, made of 100% Turkish cotton, health and environmentally friendly fabric.

We use 30/1 cotton yarn in our ranforce bed cover sets and produce between 52 and 62 wire threads at cm2.

This gives the fabric a soft texture and durability. The ranforce 100% cotton duvet cover set, used according to the washing and use instructions, maintains the long-term vitality of designs and colors.

Our 100% cotton ranforce bed sets are more economical than our 100% satin duvet covers.

Polycotton Bed Sets

It is made of hygroscopic, breathable and durable fabrics that absorb the best performance properties of both fibers by mixing polycotton, cotton and polyester.

We produce our Polycotton duvet cover sets as 65% cotton 35% polyester and 50 wire yarn.

The presence of synthetics in polycotton fabric leads to the formation of bright colors during dyeing, and the presence of cotton threads gives the fabric pleasant touch.

Our polycotton bed sets are more economical than our 100% cotton duvet cover sets.

Baby Bed Sets

Baby bed linen sets are made from 100% cotton fabrics. Your baby can sleep more comfortably thanks to this type of fabric that does not damage the baby’s sensitive skin and allows the baby’s skin to breathe. It must be ensured that the baby cot sets are absolutely free of waste materials and made of organic yarn. Another important factor in the manufacture of baby blankets is the frequency of 57 wire yarns. As a Nawaz Associates family, we make sure that our baby bed covers are made from organic yarn and are absolutely no waste material.