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With matching bed linen ,you can give your bed a completely new coat of paint. From head to toe, because the beautiful covers are usually available in a practical set so that the duvet and pillow are optically perfectly coordinated. This creates a harmonious room impression. At our website, you will discover bed linen in many designs and qualities for your unique slumber oasis.

The choice of bed linen depends on the one hand on your personal taste and on the other hand on the time of year. While you can snuggle up in warm fabrics such as beaver, flannel or terrycloth in autumn and winter, airy seersucker bed linen is pleasant on hot summer nights, for example. Hotel owners can find out which material is suitable for them and the respective season in the next section.


Bed linen, which decorates our bedrooms with different styles and models colored, is made of fabrics such as cotton, satin, Ranforce, poly-cotton, polyester, printed and bamboo.

COTTON: This is the type of fabric most preferred by the buyer. Cotton is very soft and durable. Due to its high air permeability it helps your body to breathe while you sleep. Therefore it does not create a feeling of sweating and discomfort. Keeps cool and is durable due to its flexible structure. Cotton fabrics are divided into 2 as Cotton Satin and Cotton Ranforce.

COTTON WOOL SATIN: is the most popular type of fabric for bed linen. Woven from 100% Turkish cotton yarn. It is between 74-120 wires in cm2, due to the high number of wires, the fabric becomes softer, the quality is better and gives a radiant appearance. Prevents sweat formation due to air-permeable structure. Unlike cotton bed linen, cotton satin does not need to be ironed after washing.

COTTON (RANFORCE): One of the most popular fabrics in bedding is 100% cotton Ranforce fabric. Ranforce fabric is a type of fabric that is made from 100% Turkish cotton, has a high air permeability and a healthy and environmentally friendly fabric. It is made from 30/1 cotton yarn, between 52 and 62 wires in cm². In this way it has a soft texture and sufficient durability. When used in accordance with the washing and handling instructions, its Designs and colors retain their vitality for a long time. Cotton is more economical than satin products.

POLYCOTTON POLYESTER: are products manufactured from yarn obtained by mixing different types of materials such as 70% cotton 30% polyester – 60% cotton 40% polyester or 50% cotton 50% polyester, can be produced. Polycotton bed linen sets are preferred because they are more economical than those made from 100% cotton fabric.

POLYESTER: It’s the most widely used synthetic material. Smooth, shiny and soft. It does not wrinkle and is heat resistant.

EMPRIME: Patterned and printed fabrics. It is often used in bed linen.

BAMBOO WOVEN: Fabrics woven with a natural fiber from a bamboo plant are called bamboo fabric. Bamboo fibers offer a very hygienic environment thanks to their antibacterial properties. It is a soft fabric that keeps cool thanks to its air permeability. Ideal for use in summer. It has a moisture absorbing property, so it easily absorbs sweat and does not cause discomfort. It creates a light, soft and silky touch.